Stamp Collecting

 Needed USED Ireland
St Patrick

180 8d pale purple

International Cooperation Year

203 10d purple, brown 

Irish art (Gerald Dillon)

320 3p multicoloured  Black Lake

Architectural Heritage Year
375 6p multicoloured


Broadcasting Service
406 9p light new blue, bottle green
407 11p agate, orange, red, light new blue

East-West Transatlantic Flight

423 8p multicoloured Bremen Junkers Monoplane

Flora and Fauna (Wildlife)


Flora and Fauna (Horses)
505 18p multicoloured  (Boomerang)
508 24p multicoloured 

Flora and Fauna (Fish)
527 29p multicoloured

Irish Boats
529 22p multicoloured  (Currach)


562 29p multicoloured


569 22p multicoloured  ISPCA

World Communication Year

573 22p multicoloured Mailman
574 29p multicoloured Dish Antenna

Irish Handcrafts

577 29p multicoloured Irish Crochet


Irish Medical Institutions

590 44p multicoloured European Parliament Elections


593 29p black, green Symbolic bridge

Olympic Games

595 22p black, fuchsia Hammer Throw
596 26p black, mauve Hurdles


616 26p multicoloured Charles Villiers Stanford

MS only


Europa - Transport & Communications

39p Europe on Globe, Letters

719 46p multicoloured  First Commercial Trans-Atlantic Crossing by Sea Plane


Parks and Gardens

742 32p multicoloured  Connemara National Park


752 30p multicoloured  Margaret Burke Sheridan

Fauna and Flora (Game Birds in Ireland)

757 39p multicoloured Scolopax rusticola
758 46p multicoloured Phasianus colchicus


Greeting Stamps

797 30p multicoloured  Horseshoe
798 30p multicoloured  Balloons

FIFA World Championship

799 30p multicoloured  Tackle


Commemoratives: World’s 1st Adhesive Stamp

804 50p multicoloured  Four Stamps on Stamp

Europa (PO Buildings)

805 30p multicoloured  GPO Dublin
806 41p multicoloured  West Point PO County Mayo

Early Bicycles
824 26p multicoloured Starley Rover
825 30p multicoloured Child’s Horse Tricycle
826 50p multicoloured Penny Farthing

Europa: In Space
833 44p multicoloured Hubble Telescope

Irish Statesmen
836 28p multicoloured John Costello
838 52p multicoloured  United Irishmen Bicentennial

839 28p multicoloured  Putting
840 32p multicoloured Driving

848 28p multicoloured  Wisemen, Star

Barcelona Olympics

854 32p multicoloured  Boxing

Healthy Living Campaign
856 28p multicoloured Family in Apple shape

Greetings Booklet Stamps Only
860 28p multicoloured   Seascape
861 28p multicoloured   Mountains
862 32p multicoloured   Flowers
863 32p multicoloured   Lake

Europa: Columbus
864 32p multicoloured Discovery
865 44p multicoloured Landing in New World

Irish to the Americas
866 52p multicoloured   Maps

Wildlife: Endangered Species: Martens
870 44p multicoloured With Young People

Trinity College
873 52p multicoloured Main Entrance

Views of Dublin (James Malton)
875 44p multicoloured Claremont House

Single European Market
876 32p multicoloured Oilrig (?) and Stars

Irish Agriculture
877 32p multicoloured  Fruit and Vegetables
878 32p multicoloured   Beef
880 32p multicoloured   Intensive Farming (hot houses)

Irish Impressionist Painters

887 28p multicoloured Evening at Tangier
890 52p multicoloured Lustre Jug

Irish Orchids
MS only

Europa: Contemporary Art

895 32p multicoloured Pears
896 44p multicoloured Arrieta Orzola

Gaelic League
898 52p multicoloured Illuminated manuscript

Irish Amateur Swimming Assoc
899 32p multicoloured  Diving

Irish Buses
905 28p multicoloured  Blue bus
908 52p multicoloured  Open, tourist-like (Char-a-bunc)

Booklet Stamps

915 32p multicoloured  Sun
916 32p multicoloured  Flower
917 32p multicoloured  Heart
918 32p multicoloured  Rose

Hong Kong 1994

??? 96p multicoloured (Year of the Dog)


920 32p multicoloured    The Taking of Christ (Painting)
921 38p multicoloured    Cooperative Organisation Society
922 52p black, cobalt, bright blue Congress of Trade Unions


MS only

Parliamentary Anniversaries

925 32p multicoloured 1st Meeting of Dail

- Sheet stamps
931 22p multicoloured  Garden Tiger
932 28p multicoloured  Burren Green



Greeting Booklet Stamps
953 32p multicoloured   Bear
954 32p multicoloured   Clown
955 32p multicoloured   Bouquet

995c Year of the pig - MS

Transport: Narrow Gage Railways

956 28p multicoloured   West Clare
958 38p multicoloured   Cork & Muskerry

959a MS

Europa (Sheet stamps)

961 32p multicoloured Map of Europe and pigeon

Rugby World Championship, S. Africa

965 52p multicoloured   Player being Tackled

966 MS

Military Uniforms

968 28p multicoloured Irish Brigade, French Army, 1745
969 32p multicoloured Tercio Irlanda, Army of Flanders 1605
971 38p multicoloured   The Fighting 69th Army of Potomac, 1861


975 28p multicoloured Dr. Bartholomew Mosse, Rotunda Hospital
978 52p multicoloured Geological Map of Ireland

Flora and Fauna (Reptiles and Amphibians)

979 32p multicoloured  Natterjack Toad

Self Adhesive

982B 32p multicoloured Natterjack Toad

National Botanic Gardens

984 multicoloured  Sarracenia x moorei
985 multicoloured Solanum crispum “glasnevin”

UN 50th Anniversary

986 32p multicoloured   Soldier hand waiving

Greetings Stamps TV Characters (Zog, Zig & Zag) (Booklet Stamps)

993 32p multicoloured  waving hands
994 32p multicoloured    in car, wearing space helmets
995 32p multicoloured    holding out hands, wearing hats

995C Chinese New Year MS

Atlanta Olympics and Paralympics

996 28p multicoloured  Wheel chair race
998 32p multicoloured Canoeing
999 32p multicoloured  Running

Festival of Irish Contemporary Arts, France

1000 32p multicoloured

Horse Racing

1002 32p multicoloured Punchestown
1003 32p multicoloured  The Curragh
1004 38p multicoloured  Galway
1005 52p multicoloured   Leopardstown

1003c MS

UNESCO world heritage site

1006 28p Sepia & black 

Europa (sheet stamps)

1009 44p green  Lady Augusta Gregory

Isle of Man Motorcycle Races – Irish Winners

1011 44p multicoloured Artie Bell 
1012 50p multicoloured  Alec Bennett

1014 MS

Various Issues

1017 38p multicoloured  Thomas McLaughlin

Irish Naval Service

1020 44p multicoloured Corvette 
1021 52p multicoloured  Motor Torpedo Boat

People with Disabilities

1022 28p multicoloured Wheelchair
1023 28p multicoloured Blind

Flora and Fauna: Ducks

1024 32p multicoloured  Anas crecca
1025 38p multicoloured   Anas clepeata
1027a MS

Greetings Stamps

1041 32p multicoloured   Cow
1042 32p multicoloured Doves
1043 32p multicoloured Piggy
1044 32p multicoloured   Rooster

1044c MS

Marine Mammals

1052 52p multicoloured   Orcinus Orca

Plus MS

Irish Free State - anniversary
1082 28p multicoloured Quill, page from Annals of Four Masters
1084 32p multicoloured Aer Lingus plane, letter
1055 32p multicoloured Music Makers
1056 32p multicoloured Sports People

1047 32p multicoloured  Courts, Scales of Justice

Europa: Tales and Legends (Sheet stamps)
1060 32p multicoloured “The Children of Lir”
1061 44p multicoloured “Oisin & Niamh” 

1069 28p multicoloured St Columba

1075 50p multicoloured Fastnet   

Bram Stokers Dracula

1087a MS (4 stamps)
1089a MS (1 stamp)

1096 MS of all Irish Free State Annivs

Greetings Stamps

1097 32p multicoloured “from my heart”
1098 32p multicoloured “a birthday wish”
1099 32p multicoloured “thinking of you”
1100 32p multicoloured “keeping in touch”


Irish Aviation

1102 32p multicoloured  Col. James Fitzmaurice
1103 44p multicoloured  Captain J P (Paddy) Saul
1104 52p multicoloured  Capt. Charles Blair

Equestrian Sports

1116 30p multicoloured Show Jumping 
1117 32p multicoloured Three-day Event  
1118 45p multicoloured  Dressage

1119a MS

Greetings Stamps (Booklet)

1120 32p multicoloured “from my heart”
1121 32p multicoloured “a birthday wish”
1122 32p multicoloured “thinking of you”
1123 32p multicoloured “keeping in touch”

Europa: Festivals (sheet)

1125 40p multicoloured  Puck Fair (Goat)

Self Adhesive

1126 30p multicoloured Crinniu

Irish Rebellion

1132 45p multicoloured  H J Mc Crasken

Democracy Stamps

1138 32p multicoloured  Entry into the EC
1139 35p multicoloured  Women’s Vote (Local Elections)
1140 45p multicoloured   Republic of Ireland Act

Tall Ships Race
1141 30p multicoloured  Asgard II
1142 30p multicoloured   Eagle

1145 MS

Self Adhesive

1145A 30p Boa Esperanza
1145D 30p T S Royalist

Irish Postboxes
1146 30p multicoloured Ashworth
1147 30p multicoloured   Wallbox
1148 30p multicoloured   Double Pillarbox

Endangered Animals

1156a MS


1158 32p multicoloured Adoration of Shepherds

Greetings Stamps – Booklet Stamps

1162 30p multicoloured   Cat
1163 30p multicoloured   Fish
1164 30p multicoloured   Rabbit

1164C MS

Irish Actors

1167 50p multicoloured   Noel Purcell

Maritime History

1170 35p multicoloured  Ilen
1172 £1 multicoloured   Titanic
1172A MS Titanic
1173 MS Polly Woodside

- Sheet
1174 30p multicoloured Whooping Swans

1175 40p multicoloured Fallow Dear


1178 30p multicoloured   S. Lemas


1181 30p multicoloured   Older Persons

Postal Union

1182 30p multicoloured   Postal Van
1183 30p multicoloured   Modern postal lorries

Total Abstinence Association Cent

1184 32p multicoloured  Fr. Cullen

Millennium Football Team
- Self adhesive
1186 30p multicoloured  Dan O Keeffe 
1187 30p multicoloured  Joe Keohane 
1188 30p multicoloured  Sean Murphy
1189 30p multicoloured  Mick O Connell 
1190 30p multicoloured  Pat Spillane 
1191 30p multicoloured  Mickey Sheehy 
1192 30p multicoloured  Sean Flanagan 
1193 30p multicoloured  Enda Colleran 
1194 30p multicoloured  Tom Langan 
1195 30p multicoloured  Sean Purcell 
1196 30p multicoloured  Kevin Keffeernan 
1197 30p multicoloured  Martin O Connell 
1198 30p multicoloured  Tommy Murphy 
1199 30p multicoloured  John Joe Reilly 
1200 30p multicoloured  Sean O’Neill

Civil Aviation

1201 30p multicoloured   Douglas
1202 32p multicoloured   Britten Norman Islander
1203 40p multicoloured   Boeing 707

Extinct Animals

1205 30p multicoloured Mammoth 
1206 30p multicoloured Irish Elk


1214 32p multicoloured Shepherds

1999 - 2000
Millennium Issue 1 - Famous People

1217a 30p multicoloured  Grace Kelly
1217b 30p multicoloured  Jesse Owens
1217c 30p multicoloured  JFK
1217d 30p multicoloured  Mother Teresa
1217e 30p multicoloured  J McCormack
1217f 30p multicoloured  Nelson Mandela

Millennium Issue II- Historic Events

1218a 30p multicoloured   Norman Invasion
1218b 30p multicoloured   Flight of the Earls
1218c 30p multicoloured   Opening of Irish Parliament
1218d 30p multicoloured   Eviction (Land League)
1218e 30p multicoloured   Irish Independence
1218f 30p multicoloured   UN Peace Keeping

Millennium Issue III- Discoveries

1219a 30p multicoloured   P N Callan
1219b 30p multicoloured   Birr Telescope
1219c 30p multicoloured   Thomas Alva Edison
1219d 30p multicoloured   A Einstein
1219e 30p multicoloured   Marie Curie
1219f 30p multicoloured  G Galileo

Millennium Issue VI – The Arts

1220a 30p multicoloured   Beethoven
1220b 30p multicoloured   Ninette de Valois
1220c 30p multicoloured   James Joyce
1220d 30p multicoloured   Mona Lisa
1220e 30p multicoloured   Lady Lavery
1220f 30p multicoloured   Shakespeare

Millennium Issue V – World Events

1221a 30p French Revolution
1221b 30p Industrial Revolution
1221c 30p Peace
1221d 30p Women’s Liberation
1221e 30p Fall of the Berlin Wall
1221f 30p Modern Communications

Millennium Issue V – Epic Journeys

1222a 30p multicoloured  Marco Polo
1222b 30p multicoloured   Captain Cook
1222c 30p multicoloured   Burke-Wills
1222d 30p multicoloured   Shackleton
1222e 30p multicoloured   Lindbergh
1222f 30p multicoloured   Space Exploration

Greetings Stamps – Mythical Creatures

1224 30p multicoloured   Pegasus
1225 30p multicoloured   Unicorn
1226 30p multicoloured   Dragon

1226d MS

Emigrant Ships

1227 30p multicoloured

- Sheet Stamp
1231 32p multicoloured

Oscar Wilde

1234 30c multicoloured   The Importance of Being Earnest
1235 30p multicoloured   Dorian Grey
1236 30p multicoloured (MS) profile & tab

1237 M

Sydney Olympics

1238 30p multicoloured   Running
1239 30p multicoloured   Javelin Throwing
1240 30p multicoloured   Long Jumping
1241 30p multicoloured   High Jumping

Stampin’ the Future

1243 32p multicoloured  “2000”
1244 45p multicoloured   Earth, Sun & moon

Hurling Team of the Millennium - Self Adhesives only
1247 30p multicoloured   Reddin
1248 30p multicoloured   Jimmy Doyle
1249 30p multicoloured   Sean Doyle
1250 30p multicoloured   Bobby Packard
1251 30p multicoloured   O Donnell
1252 30p multicoloured   Mackey
1253 30p multicoloured   Brian Whelahan
1254 30p multicoloured   Keane
1255 30p multicoloured   Phelan
1256 30p multicoloured   Langton
1257 30p multicoloured   Meagher
1258 30p multicoloured   Keher
1259 30p multicoloured   Lynch
1260 30p multicoloured   Cummins
1261 30p multicoloured   Ring 

Fauna and Flora – Butterflies
1263 32p multicoloured Small tortoise-shell
1265 50p multicoloured Orange-tip

Military Aviation - Sheet

1267 30p multicoloured Hawker Hurricane

Self Adhesive

1273 30p multicoloured Alouette Chopper

Department of Agriculture Cent

1274 50p multicoloured


1276 32p multicoloured Adoration of the Magi


1279 30p Goldfish

1280 MS

Booklet, Self Adhesive

1281 30p Lizard, daisy
1282 30p Frog, clover
1283 30p Goldfish, hearts
1284 30p Snake


1286 30p Camera, audience, man
1287 32p Microphone, announcers

Literary Anniversaries

1291 32p Book of Common Prayer

Irish Music

1295 45p Violin

Motor Cars

1296 30p Jordan Grand Prix
1297 32p Hillman Imp
1299 £1   Mercedes SSK

1300 MS

Self Adhesive

1302 30p Mercedes SSK
1303 30p Mini Cooper

1304 30p Hillman Imp

Irish Heritage (Australia)
1309 MS

Europa - sheet
1310 30p Wading
1311 32p Fishing

Self Adhesive
1312 30p Wading

Battle of Kinsale
1320 30p Soldiers on Horseback
1322 32p Soldiers & Ramparts
1323 45p View of Kinsale

Hall of Fame Athletes
1324 30p Padraic Carney
1325 30p Frank Cummins
1327 30p Nicky Rachard

Self Adhesive
1325 30p Frank Cummins
1326 30p Jack O’ Shea
1327 30p Nicky Rachard

1333 32p Howth
1334 45p Sportsboat
1335 45p The Glen

Self Adhesive
1338 30p The Glen
1339 30p Sposrtsboat

1345 32p Arctic Char
1346 32p Pike
1347 45p Common Bream

1350 32p Annunciation

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Too many missing, too difficult to find...

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