Stamp Collecting

Canada - Missing Stamps                 


Coil stamps horizontal

Perf 9 ½

278 1c green

279 2c brown



King George VI

Coil stamps

 Perf 9 ½              

Uncertain of number

309        2c dark olive



410 5c Gzowski



perf 12 ½ x 12

598 50c Seashore


perf 13 ½

504A 10c Forest, Central Canada

505A 15c Mountain Sheep

506A 20c Grainfields


600 $1 Vancouver perf 11



1187 37c Library Building (booklet)


1190 40c Flag (Booklet)   



Canada's River Heritage, Waterways of Industry and Commerce

1409 42c West (Eliot) 



Historic Land Vehicles, Personal Vehicles   45c        1490

1490 a. 45c Taylor Steam Buggy

         b. 45c Model L

         c. 45c Ford Model T

         e. 86c McLaughlin-Buick


International Year of the Family

1523    MINI SHEET (MS)

1523c 43c Elderly Lady and child


Prehistoric Life in Canada, The Age of Mammals (1529 – 1532)

1530 43c Megacerops, Oligocene Epoch



Historic Land Vehicles, Farm and Frontier Vehicles (1552)

1552a 45c 1950 Farm Tractor

1552b 45 1970 Bombardier Snow Mobile

1552c 50 1940 Multi-passenger Bombardier Snowmobile

1552d 50c 1924 Gotfredson Farm Track

1552e 1962 88c Tracked Carrier

1552f 1942 88c Massey-Harris Combine



Historic Land Vehicles, Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

1604a 45c Still Motor Co. Ltd., 1899, Electric Van

1604b 45c Waterous Engine Works, 1914, Road Roller

1604c 52c International D-35, 1938, Delivery Truck

1604d 52c Champion Road Grader, 1936

1604e 90c White Model WA 122, 1947, Tractor-Trailer

1604f 90c Hayes HDX 45-115, 1975, Logging Truck



1670 52c Nativity Scene



Year of the Dragon - 1837 MS


Fresh Waters of Canada

1854a – 55c Helmcken Falls

1854b – 55c Unnamed Lake near Baldwinton

1854c – 55c Cameron Lake

1854d – 55c Red River and Lake Winnipeg

1854e – 55c Niagara Falls

1855a – 95c Iceberg, Newfoundland

1855b – 95c Grande Riviere de la Baleine

1855c – 95c Saint John River

1855d – 95c DeSable River


Masterpieces of Canadian Art

1863 The Artist at Niagara, 1858, Cornelius Krieghoff



1869 46c Balaenoptera musculus



Tourist Attractions

1953d - $1.25 Saguenay Fjord, Quebec




1971a 48c Frank Mahovlich

1971b 48c Raymond Bourque  

1971c 48c Serge Savard          

1971e 48c Mike Bossy        

1948   48c Bill Durnam


Tourist Attractions

1989c – 65c RCMP Depot Division

1990d – $1.25 Magdalene Islands

1990e - $1.25 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Canada-Alaska Cruise Picture Postage

1991c - $1.25 Face of a Totem Pole   

1991d - $1.25 Tail of a Whale


2002a - Masterpieces of Canadian Art - Jean-Paul Riopelle



Write Me ... Ring Me (2045-2048)

2045 (49c) Butterfly

2046 (49c) Children at the Beach

2047 (49c) Red Rose

2047 (49c) Boxer Puppy (pug)               



NHL All Stars (2085a-f)

Sheet stamps

2085a 50c Henri Richard     

2085b 50c Grant Fuhr

2085c 50c Allan Stanley

2085d 50c Pierre Pilote

2085e 50c Bryan Trottier

2085f 50c John Bucyk


 Self Adhesives needed

2086d 50c Pierre Pilote                                                 

2086f 50c John Bucyk


2091 Daffodils  MS

Art Canada: Homer Watson

2110 MS plus

2110a The Flood Gate, circa 1900-1901


2118a Oscar Peterson –MS ONLY


Stanley Gibbons numbers follow



French Settlement in N America

SG2401 MS



Captain Vancouver – SG2498 MS


Canadian Artists – SG2504 MS


Endangered Species - SG2515 MS


Lighthouses – NOTE:  WITH keeper’s house (SG2443???)



SG2537 MS


2539 Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat - 2539 MS


Chaplain – SG 2550 MS


Canadians in Hollywood – 2564 MS


Unknown numbers


Endangered Species


52c Prothonotary Warbler

52c Butterfly

52c Roseate Tern

Christmas MS Plus

2292 <P> Baby in manger

2293 52c Snow Angel

2294 96c Skiing

2295 $1.60 Tobogganing

MS only

Jack Bush
MS only

International Year of Astronomy
MS only

Preserving the Poles
MS plus
54c bird

Canadian Diplomacy
54c Canadian Flag

Captain Bartlett
54c Bartlett using sextant

Canadian Sports
MS plus
54c Sticks and ring
54c Racket and ball
54c Bucket and ball

Roadside attractions
MS with oddly shaped stamps

<P> portrait

Canadian Artists
imperforate MS plus SHEET Stamps
54c Charlebois
54c Butler
54c Adams

100th Anniversary of Montreal Canadiens

Lest We Forget
MS only

$1.65 Shepherd and Lamb (on shoulders)

Year of the Tiger

Winter Olympics - all overprinted Vancouver 2010
MS Sports stamps
MS "mascots"
MS Rock Cairn (Tinglit?)

Historic Mills
<P> Tree Story, red windows, with red roof annex

57c William Hall VC

Olympic Spirit
MS only

Canada & Israel
$1.70 Canada Maple and Star of David

57c Romeo LeBanc

Amerindian Kings
57c King Tee Yee Neen Ho Ga Row
57c King Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow
57c King Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row
57c King Etow Oh Koam

Marine Life
MS only

Canadian Navy
MS only

Roadside Attractions
MS with oddly shaped stamps PLUS
<P> Happy Rock Stamp
<P> Goose

Cupids' Anniversary
57c Semaphore(?) Design

Home Children
57c Portrait and Children plowing field

Mental Health
(P) Abstract Designs

Beneficial Insects
4c Wasp
6c Multicoloured beetle
8c Ocher black insect
9c Green insect


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