Stamp Collecting

Great Britain – Needed USED             Stanley Gibbons Numbers

Greeting Stamps – Smiles
1488 20 p  The Laughing Policeman

Greetings Booklet Stamps: Memories
1599 1st Pearl Necklace

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
MS 2161
27p Prince William


Centenary of Royal Navy Submarine Service (Subs & Flags)
2204 45p Unity Class Sub, 1939
1st White Ensign
1st Union Jack

1st Jolly Roger

Anniversary of the First Double Decker Bus
2211 1st Leyland X2
2213 1st AEC Regent III
2214 1st Daimler Fleetline

Europa: Pond Life
2221 (E) Great Diving Beatle

Centenary of Nobel Prizes
2236 45p Poem by Eliot

Rudyard Kipling

2234 1st The Whale
2245 1st The Rhino
2247 1st Elephant’s Child
2251 1st The Cat That Walked by Himself

Occasions – Greeting Stamps
2260 1st Rabbits

British Coastlines
2265 27p Studeland Bay, Dorset
2266 27p Luskentyre, Sth Harris
2268 27p Padstow Harbour, Cornwall
2269 27p Dover Cliffs, Kent  (may have wrong catalogue number)
2271 27p Dunster Beach, Somerset
2272 27p Newquay Beach, Cornwall
2273 27p Portrush, County Antrim
2274 27p Sand-spit, Conwy

Queen Mother Commemoration
2281 (E)

Jet Aviation: Airliners
2286 (E) Trident

World Cup Football
1st Bottom Left quarter of Flag

Peter Pan

2307 47p Captain Hook

2003                                                 Stanley Gibbons numbers from
Birds of Prey

2329 1st Barn Owl 3
2330 1st Barn Owl 4

2333 1st Kestrel 2
2334 1st Kestrel 3
2336 1st Kestrel 5

Occasions: Multiple Choice

2337 1st Yellow Gold star / See me / Playtime
2338 1st Pink I (love) you / XXXX / S.W.A.L.K
2339 1st Mauve Angel / Poppet / Little terror
2340 1st Green Yes / No / Maybe
2341 1st blue Oops! / Sorry / Will try harder
2342 1st Aqua I did it! / You did it! / We did it!

Fun Fruit & Vegetables

2349 1st Potatoe
2351 1st  Red Pepper
2352 1st Pear
2255 1st  Lemon
2356 1st Cabbage  (Brussels sprout)
2357 1st Aubergine

Extreme Endeavours

2119 1st Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay (die cut)

50th Anniversary of the Coronation

1st Guardsmen in Coronation Procession
East End Children Reading Coronation Party Poster

Pub Signs
2393 (E)  The Black Swan

Classic Transport Toys
MS only

British Museum
2249 (E) Sutton Hoo helmet

World Cup Winners: Rugby

MS 2416


2419  (E) Great Central Railway 8K 2.8.0 express goods locomotive

Entertaining Envelopes
2426 1st Goose / Duck

“Lord of the Rings”: 50th Anniversary

2429 1st Map of Middle Earth
2432 1st Rivendel
2435 1st Doors of Durin

Ocean Liners
42p Queen Mary 1936 (die cut)

Royal Horticultural Society

2458 (E) Clematis Arabella

Royal Society of Arts

2474 40p William Shipley, founder of the RSA
2477 57p Eric Gill created this famous typeface
2478 68p  ZeroWaste campaign

Woodland Animals

2485 1st Stoat Mustela erminea
2486 1st Natterer's bat Myotis nattereri
2487 1st Mole Talpa europaea

Crimean War

2491 40p Sgt. Maj. Edwards, Scots Fusilier Guards

Christmas – MS only

Farm Animals

2505 1st Dairy Shorthorn cattle
2510 1st Norfolk Black Turkeys

A British Journey: SW England

2514 40p Start Point & Start Bay, Devon

Royal Wedding 

1pound  At the Prince's Scottish residence (front view)

Trooping the colour

MS only

British Motorcycles

2549 40p BSA Rocket 3 1969
2550 42p Vincent Black Shadow 1949
2552 60p Brough Superior 1930

Changing Tastes in Britain
2559 60p Chips

Ashes Victory
MS plus

3526 1st Three players celebrating
3527 68p Batsman running

2576 42p Cutter & HMS Pickle 
2577 42p  Entrepreante attempts to rescue the crew of the burning French ship Achille
2579 68p  The combined Franco-Spanish fleet put to sea from Cadiz

Christmas MS


A British Journey: England
2597 1st Carding Mill Valley, Shropshire, Heart of England
2598 1st Beachy Head, Sussex Coast, South-east England
2601 1st Derwent Edge, Peak District, Heart of England
2604 1st Chipping Campden, Cotswolds, Heart of England

Brunel MS plus
2610 47p PSS Great Eastern

The Queen

2627 72p With Philip

National Portrait Gallery
2642 1st Thomas Stearns Eliot by Patrick Heron
2644 1st Virginia Woolf by George Charles Beresford
2648 1st Dame Cicely Saunders by Catherine Goodman

Victoria Cross
2665 MS

Least we Forget
2685 MS plus

2468 1st Poppy

2689 64p Abbey Road
MA with
1st Beatles Guitar 
1st Beatles Lunchbox
1st The Beatles 
1st The Beatles

Marine Life

2707 Shore Crab

World Inventions PLUS MS

2715 Bridges
2717 Telephone
2718  Television
2720   Space Travel

2714 The Spindle

Celebrating England
3418 78p St George
3419 78p Houses of Parliament

Beside the Seaside
2825  46p Sand Castle

New Wembley Stadium (MS 2877)

Machin Definitives Celebration
2874 Arnold Machin
2875 First Machin, 1967

Grand Prix Motor Racing
2867 54p Jackie Stewart - Tyrrell
2870 78p Nigel Mansell - Williams

Harry Potter Books
2751 1st Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2755 1st Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

A Century of Scouting
2760 48p Planting Trees

Endangered Species
2764 1st White Tailed Eagle
2765 1st Bearded Tit
2768 1st Marsh Harrier
2769 1st Avocet
2770 1st Bittern
2772 1st Corncrake

Diamond Wedding Anniversary MS PLUS
2782 54p Queen and Prince Philip at Garter Ceremony, 1980
2783 54p At Royal Ascot
2585 78p At Clydebank

Royal Family MS with

 Royal family (Q + K)
69p Royal family
14 78p Royal family

MS only


James Bond PLUS MS

For Your Eyes Only 78p

Working Dogs

Customs Dog 54p


Rescue at Sea

69p Helicopter

The Houses of Lancaster & York - PLUS MS

54p Henry VI   

69p Edward V  

69p Richard III 

Celebrating Northern Ireland MS


Endangered Species – Insects (1sts)

Adonis Blue Butterfly

Southern Damselfly 

Red Barbed Ant

Barberry Carpet Moth

Stag Beetle

Hazel Pot Beetle  

Field Cricket 

Silver-spotted Skipper

Noble Chafer Beetle


Cathedrals PLUS MS

Belfast, 46p    

Westminster, 72p


Carry on Hammer

Carry on Screaming, 72p


Air Shows

Boy watching The Red Arrows, 50p

Avro Vulcan and Avro 707s, 56p


Olympics Handover MS ONLY

Birds Nest Stadium, Beijing

London Eye

Tower of London

Corner Tower, Forbidden City, Beijing


RAF Uniforms (1sts)

Helicopter Rescue Winchman 1984

Lancaster Air Gunner 1944

Pilot 1918


Women of Achievement

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, 48p

Marie Stopes, 50p


Christmas PLUS MS

The Genie from Aladdin, 1st Large

Madonna, 1st

Lest we Forget - Armistice poppy MS

 The END

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