Stamp Collecting


Canada          - August 2016

Great Britain- May 2015

Greece  MINT- May 2015

Greece USED -May 2015

Ireland           - May 2015

PNG               - May 2015

Switzerland  - May 2015

USA               - October 2015

Machins        - May 2015

Welcome to my website!

I hope you find this website interesting and easy to navigate.

Stamp collecting seems to be getting more difficult by the day. Increasing numbers of stamps issued, self-adhesives that are almost impossible to "soak" free of the envelope remnant, mobile phones and computers replacing communications (read - letter writing) all conspire to make it more difficult to stay in touch with each of my collections. Too many gaps need filling and the "subjects" for those gaps are nowhere to be found. Oh, well... Maybe it is time to pack it all in.

Latest rumour has it that postage stamps for ordinary individuals are heading towards the electronic media. We are yet  to find what form this will take but it bodes badly!

Odd how so many countries celebrate stamp collecting and yet they make it so difficult to collect stamps, mint or otherwise by the sheer volume of issues!

Anyhow, here we are, so enjoy yourselves!

Above: Me, in caricature, a sketch drawn by one of year 10 students c 2000

Below: Top row - the kind of cancellation I want / bottom row - No way Jose! Too defaced to be of use to me!

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